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Great company. I went with their recommendation after not having driven for about 10 years - a 10 hour course. They gave me an amazing instructor, she was super patient and brilliant to work with. I had 4 hours on the fri, 4 on the sat and 2 on the Monday before my test. Passed my test with only 6 faults, first time. Couldn't be more impressed. Great service from start to finish, thanks so much guys. And Thankyou Kaniz for being super awesome! Also - they let me pay in a few bits as I couldn't afford it outright. Even better! Thanks so much Saba and Rory and everyone else!
Passed first time after being taught by the amazing Kaniz! Couldn't of asked for a better service & instructor! Thankyou so much for everything PassMeFast and Kaniz!

i had a really great time learning how to drive with samiya and im really thankful, i wouldnt have been able to pass it for the first time if it wasnt because of samiya. she made all the lessons really easy and fun, she also helped me to become an independent driver, thanks again, i wont ever forget you for what you did, my time with you was indeed a beautiful memory :D